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Look Up, Not at Disappointment

Disappointment will happen. It is not uncommon. How we respond to disappointment is what is important. The feeling of disappointment is merely a feeling though. We need to remember that God has the capability of doing above and beyond what we can imagine. We could have our journey mapped out here on earth by our own knowledge. God is smart though. He knows what well benefit not only him, but us and everyone else as a body. In First Corinthians 6:19-20 it talks about us not being our own. We are God's, we are a part of a much bigger body, a much bigger plan.

So when we come up on a plan that failed, we can allow ourselves to step back and look. Maybe feel a slight feeling of disappointment. But don't let the feeling take root. Don't let it turn into a spirit of anger, bitterness or failure. Look upward instead of vertical. Let the peace and joy of God shine through you. Let him build your character through every circumstance.

Building character is a great thing. Every moment of the building process may not feel great. Look at the bigger picture. Look at what God could do in your life. If you allow Him to move in you and your life, you will be able to look back one day and say that "any measly disappointment was worth where I am now."

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