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Watch for the Entanglements

The year is new. I am one that likes to set goals. We all know of the new year's resolutions that people make. The gyms are unusually full at this time of the year. I'm sure Jenny Craig is getting plenty of calls at the moment. That is great! I am not bashing that at all. I am the same. I have been out of the gym for several months, because I canceled my membership. Starting January, though, I am trying to be more active and cut out the things that does not contribute anything good to my body.

This includes my mental and spiritual health. I have been taking an inventory check on myself. What hinders my relationship with the Lord and those around me. The scripture says in Hebrews 12 "let us throw off all that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."

I see several things in that scripture. "Let us throw off all that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles." It is easy to get sidetracked to lose focus on the goal of our life. As Christian's we are called to love. We are called to spread the good news. It is easy to get caught up in judgement or other sins that seem right to the flesh. I'm talking about partying and sensual lust of the flesh. I'm also talking about other things that we try to condone. Gossip, jealousy, hate, etc. You get the point. We find ourselves condoning these practices because obviously the other was in the wrong. It is not right in the eyes of God, right! Well, I've been in that category. The truth is these probably entangle us much easier than the others. You get in that judgement chair, which is where God's place is supposed to be. We may push others further from God when we do this.

People want to be loved. Yes, deep down, they want to hear the truth. I believe we were all designed to hear and relish in the truth of God. We all have a tendency to be stubborn, though. That stubborn pride comes up. Then, we don't want to be told what to do. How to live our life. See the tangle. See how Satan tries to keep us all divided. He uses all opportunities to keep the division. To keep controversies going between individuals. James 3:16 says "For where envy strife is, there is confusion and every work."

I have felt condoned to be jealous. I have felt condoned to be angry many times. I believe that God allows a moment of anger because it is a warning signal. Something is not right. Once we feel the anger, though, we need to bring the situation to the Lord. See what needs to be done. Do you need to bow out of the situation and walk away. Do you need to say anything to the person? The word says that we should do whatever it takes to keep peace. Sometimes peace is distance between you and someone. This is turning into a whole other rabbit hole we could jump into. My point is, that being easily entangled is where Satan wants you. Going back to the word and living the truth of God out is not where he wants you to be. He wants you to find your identity in what YOU can do, instead of God being your vindicator, protector and provider. When we step into the room of, "I've got this all on my own, and I don't need to pray or ask God for wisdom." We have stepped into the enemy's territory. Stepped out of the rim God can protect us in. Not that you are not a Christian, but God's word is binding. He said if you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. he says a lot of who we are in him.

Knowing who you are in him is so important. It will help you not get entangled. It will help you let the enemy know who's you belong to and teach you how to act like a child of the King.

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