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My name is Savannah Bourque. Here is a little about me!  I am 32 and live in the great state of Texas!  I say that and laugh because I recently married a man from Louisiana.  Though I am fond of Louisiana now because of him there is no place like home for me.  He is a God send for me.  He encourages me in the Lord daily.  That is what I want to do for you here.  This blog is to help each of us learn more on how to walk out this life to the fullest.  Scroll down to see somemore about the blog.

Savannah Bourque

Behind The Blog

I am very excited.  I have had this blog for a couple of years.  I have wrote a blog from time to time, but never fully committed.  This past year it has been something I have wanted to step into more.  Here recently the website became officially mine.  I finally stepped out and purchased the domain.​The original name for the blog was mindfully living.  The Lord has been showing me that I need to be intentional about my life.  Being intentional takes effort.  To be intentional about your walk with the Lord takes sacrifice.  Take stepping out of your comfort zone and dying to the flesh.  It really hurts sometimes to do this because it feels like you are constantly having to change another way you acted or thought.  You almost feel like your there.  Like you finally have it together and then you learn a new scripture. Maybe the Lord shows you an area that needs some changing.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Its called growth.  I believe he shows us grace every day by giving us a little bit more knowledge than what we did the day before.  He gives us some breathing room because he knows that we are human.  We do have the capability to become better and better at this life.  We were made in a great design.  We were fashioned by God.   Created in His image.  The scripture says so.  So, I believe we have so much to hope for and to live for.   Let us all learn God's great design for our life.  Let us learn how to Live By Design.

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