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3 John 2

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

As we go into a new year there is so much each of us desire. We all desire a better life no matter where we are at. Below is something that I was thinking on when it comes to this scripture this the other day.

From learning on the soul, it is our mind will and emotions. According to this scripture as it develops into a Godly mindset, all physical areas of our life will prosper. Our health and I believe our finances, also, will. I like to look at the layers of all of this. I see the spiritual rim as a layer. That is where God abounds in. Then we have ourselves as a layer which is our soul. The inner person. What we think about, how we respond, what we are willing and wanting. Then we have the physical. Our body and everything that we touch. So, as we move ourselves into a position for the spirit of God to move fluently through us, then it reaches out and touches everything that we touch. It allows the miraculous to move, and to work. It puts us in a state of peace. Why does it cause us to be in a state of peace? Because the understanding of who we are in him causes us to stand and not accept anxious thoughts and feelings. As we walk in a way that is full of self-control (casting out thoughts and not allowing the devil into our house (our mind will and emotion)), which produces love automatically, we will see the power that I speak of here work through us and around us. The layers connect and God is manifested in our life, therefore presenting his goodness to us and everyone around. We therefore are a witness to others and are able to testify God’s goodness. We are the light on the hill.

No matter what we are planning for ourselves this year, I pray that we would set ourselves up for the manifestation of God to work in us. That we listen to correction. That we would sacrifice time, money, or whatever God asks of us so that he can move in a good way in us and around us. He wants us to have a good year and life. He has to have the opportunity to work, though.

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