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Be Intentional and Study Ourselves

Intentionality is something I am becoming more acquainted with. Here recently I started going back to counseling. The councilor started going over being intentional with me. Being aware of my feelings and how I respond to situations. For instance, if I feel angry in a given situation, why do I feel angry. The feeling is there, but what is the underlying reason.

The example of an iceberg was mentioned. She said that yes you see the iceberg above the water. That is all of your emotions that you are feeling. There is ice under the water that you don’t see holding up the iceberg. There are underlying reasons a person will feel angry that others do not see.

That conversation has led to others such as this in counseling. She went over evaluating where the feelings are coming from. Are they coming from the present situation or are they coming from a past situation.

There are things called triggers which I have spoken of on here before. During every situation in life, there are feelings that get attached to every situation. As time goes on, other situations arise in your life. With them, may come familiar feelings. It may be a whole other scenario but there are areas in the scenario that remind you of that previous situation. When it does, those feelings that was attached to them will arise. These feelings may be good or bad.

This is where being intentional is so important. We do not want our past to interfere with our future. Should someone have wronged you in the past, you don’t want to live in bitterness and frustration with everyone that comes in your life because of it.

Be Intentional

You don’t want to put the weight of other's shortcomings in your life on the people who are present in your life at the moment. The councilor said we want to filter out any pains, any negativity, and unforgiveness. We want to strictly go off of the feelings for today not from the past.

That starts with forgiving the ones in your past and really moving on. The scripture says that we should forgive many many times. There is a reason for this. We really do this for ourselves. For our own peace of mind. For our mental health and for the health of every relationship we will have in the future.

We need to be intentional and study ourselves. When we get frustrated, be aware of the frustration and acknowledge it. Dig a littler deeper and see where it is coming from. Forgive where needed. You might have to remind yourself that you have forgiven, and that the past is the past several times. Give yourself grace as you give others grace in their weakness. We are all human and have shortcomings, so don't beat yourself up if you do have to remind yourself from time to time. You might need to remind yourself that nothing from the past can effect your future unless you let it. You are responsible for yourself and that is all.

If that is really the only thing that you can control, then do as if it is unto God. To the best of your ability. Walking everything out in love, and putting Him first in all of your decisions. This includes responding to everyone like Jesus. This means capturing all of those thoughts in the name of Jesus and replacing them with the Word which is literally Jesus.

We overcome evil with good. This means not allowing the enemy a foothold in your life through anger, bitterness, frustration. Not allowing him into your life with fear. God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind (self-control). The power comes through love. Love is shown through us with self-control. Through using your mind, in spite of what Satan is trying to get you to do. Which is walk in the flesh. He is trying to get you to live in the past. He is trying to keep us all divided through this. Stand up and take back what he is trying to take from. Stand your ground.

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