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Don't Fall Into The Comparison Pandemic

Let me stop you before you read this. There are times when I write that I don't know if it seems like I am jumping around from one subject to another. Just read on, please. I believe that this subject will help you move forward from past hurts and look forward to a bright future. I believe deep in my soul we all have a purpose for living here on earth. I also believe that a majority of people do not meet up to their full potential because of the comparison pandemic. That's right I said pandemic We all very well all know the word now because the state the world is in at the moment. We are in a time where here pretty much everyday about the corona pandemic. Something that has taken not just our country but our world like nothing our generation has ever seen. It has been scary for some, it has ticked off others, it has created these reactions that effects everyone we come in contact with.

In my experience comparing ourselves with others does the same thing. Our minds are powerful things. It can create all kind of scenarios if we would allow it. That's why I believe that we are in a comparison pandemic. This pandemic is not associated with the day and age. This pandemic goes back long ago. I will give one example so that I can further more explain this observation. Let us go back to the first recorded murder in the bible. Cain and Able. Cain killed his brother, his own flesh and blood because of jealousy. Where did this jealousy come from. I could go into whole different subject on the root reason he became jealous. The root reason was it was Cain made a choice that he knew was not right deep inside. The short story is because of his choice, God blessed Able and not Cain. He compared what he was blessed with versus what Able was blessed with. This made him angry and jealous.

Being mindful of our actions and reactions is key to having a balanced life. Being mindful of our thoughts determines those actions and reactions. Comparing ourselves or our life's to others can get us in trouble. The bottom line is if we had someone else's life there would be a role missing in the world. There would be a job that went unfilled because we are the person to fill that job, no one else. There would be someone that went without because we were the person to provide for their need. Honestly some people may say that I think into situations to much. And, yes, deep thinking like this has gotten me off the course. At the end of the day Lion King had it right. It's the circle of life. Us, our personality, our talents, our connections has an affect on everyone around us. We were created by God for a time and a place. We were placed with parents that were made for us.

I know if some reads the previous sentence that they may become angry because that person had a horrible childhood. A person may have thought how could God place me in a situation with parents that were terrible. If you are angry please read on.

Situations like that is not an individuals fault. Just as Cain made a decision your parents made a decision. How you grow up and react to it is completely your choice. You can victimize yourself or be an overcomer. You can grow from it or become bitter. If you look at another's up bringing, and start envying them because of it, you are therefore comparing your upbringing to theirs. You are victimizing the situation. I believe it can be helpful to look at the differences in the upbringing, but not to envy. Envying and comparing causes strife within you. It causes bitterness instead of growth. Instead of envying, look at how you can change your situation now, and for your children (or future children's situation). How can you better yourself and help others that may have been in that situation in a positive way.

You see comparing any part of your life with another's will create these imaginations that are not Godly. God tells us to cast down imaginations. When I say imaginations, I mean thoughts that go against what he says. God says to forgive, so we should forgive anyone that wrongs us. So when we have a thought of hatred or revenge we should say no I refuse to think that way. God tells us to love. So when a thought that the opposite of love comes up we should say nope I refuse to believe that being unloving is what gets us ahead. God says that he loves us and has good things instore for us. We should therefore remember that we may be in a situation right now, but just as the Israelites was able to walk across the red sea on dry ground, God is making a way for us.

I can only speak from my own experience. I have lived on the side of hatred, jealousy, and unforgiveness. I have lived on the side of forgiving and loving people through tough times. Hatred, jealousy and unforgiveness is a heavy burden. When I live in that arena I feel this heavy unhappy cloud around me. When I step into love and unforgiveness despite any wrong doing its like I walk into this airy green pasture. There is a calm inside of me. Image you are blowing up a balloon. A balloon only has the capacity to take on so much air. Eventually its going to burst if you continue to fill it up. If you start to release the pressure instead of adding it, you will not see the explosion. Its the same way inwardly. You can choose to release what is causing you to feel angry and let your soul live in freedom. You can also choose to let it fester and become something that does not have to be.

It begins in your mind. Are you going to compare yourself to others, and wonder what if I had that toy, what if I would have had that childhood, what if I had that job. Comparing gets you no where. It puts you in a mind frame of what you are and what you have been blessed with at this moment is not enough, and causes you to go for something in your own flesh, that God wants you to have faith in him for. I'm not saying you should not physically work to accomplish a task or a dream. I am speaking of the flesh as in what Galatians 5 says walking in the flesh is like. We want to walk in the spirit to accomplish our purpose in this world. We want to walk in love, uplifting other, and being happy for their accomplishments. Not envying and making little of the person you are right now and the person that you could be in the future. You are a child of God and through him anything is possible. Start believing it, and watch what God can do for you.

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