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Don't Think to Much

"Don't think to much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place." How many people need to say that to themselves again? ME! I've been told that I have a habit of overthinking things. As hard as it can be to digest, its the truth. What we focus on becomes bigger in our head.

If we focus on a problem (or what you think is a problem) I feel like it literally inflates in your head. It fills up every space in your head until you can not focus on an answer or anything else that you need to accomplish. When I say I'm getting real right now, I mean it. There are so many issues that can be avoided if we would just let things alone.

I am thankful to have the husband that I do. I am one that overthinks. I like to figure things out. I want to fix an issue, or what seems to be an issue right then. If I don't it drives me bonkers. Him on the other hand has told me you are thinking to much in the situation. He puts me in my place in instances like this, which is probably what some of us needs.

Thinking this way I believe is what causes anxiety in a lot of us. Anxiety is a real thing. It grips hold of you until you can not cope. You can not function right if you allow it to take hold. I do believe, and am learning, that we have control of this. We can refuse to let it take hold. It may take time to up root it as a habit. Lets face it, anything can become a habit. Including anxiety, as soon as something out of our control comes up. Our thoughts and our reactions are our own though.

You have the power to create a peaceful fruitful life, relationships, and everything else this life can bring to you. Let's learn to react in healthy ways. Let's learn to think the best of everyone so that we can guard our heart from things like, bitterness, jealousy, hate, etc. These can weigh down your heart and make it hard for people to see the light that is within you. For out of the abundance of the heart, the man speaketh. I want 2021 to be a fruitful year for my household, family, friends, work, etc. I want the same for you. Choose to act in love, in kindness, and in joy.

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