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There are so many up and downs everyday. Your emotions can go up and down. Others emotions can go up and down. There is one constant though. The love of God. His desire for us is to be in relationship with him. That is a constant.

While on the treadmill this morning, I was listening to a podcast. The preacher said this about us. The church is the body. We are part of God's body. He described it in a way that made perfect sense. He said that God is the heart of the body, Jesus is the face, the Holy Spirit is the voice, and we are the hands. What does this mean? It means we are the ones that has to put action to his plans. You see all of us have a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is not so clear, but there is purpose.

A lot of us pray for change to come about in our life, but we are not willing to make the changes that are needed for change to occur. We are not willing to make the sacrifices that are needed. You see, God's plan is perfect. It is His perfect will. We have to line our will up with His will. I'm speaking to myself as I write this. That will is simple, but can be really complicated at the same time. We have to be willing to cast down thoughts that put themselves up against his thoughts. We have to be willing to put aside habits and attitudes that may hinder you from being more like Him. You have to be willing to build a character of Christ. For real, though, character building is a tough one. That means you are looking at yourself, and seeing what character flaws you may have. Sometimes God will show you through people that may be like you just what those character flaws may be. You know what I'm talking about. You may get around someone, and they may do some of the same things you do. You think, I don't want to be or like that. You should not judge them, or be condemning toward yourself for it. You should choose to take the necessary steps to change that in yourself. Sometimes a lightbulb will come on from remarks others say about you. It can be so frustrating to hear these things from people. Sometimes you may want to tell them their character flaws. Choose to stay kind though. Only when they ask your opinion or God leads you to point it out to them should you say anything. Only then will they be open to criticism. You should learn to take criticism though. I know, I know. It is so very tough. Only then, though, can your character grow in a positive direction.

I would like to say I want 2021 be a year of greatness for me. A year of positive change. Honestly, though, I want everyday of my life to be a day of positive change. God does not want us stagnant in our life. He wants us to continue to grow and prosper in every area of our life. Choose to listen to his voice (the Holy Spirit) as he speaks to you. He will help you prosper in the fruits of the spirit. What are the fruits of the spirit? They are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. That is in Galations five. When you accepted God, those were planted in you to be used and enjoyed. How do you reap these fruits, though. You plant seeds of them. An apple is not grown from an orange seed. It is grown from an apple seed. So plant seeds of joy if you want more joy. Plant seeds of faith, if you want more faith. Plant seeds of self-control if you want more self control. Have a lovely day!

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