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Learn More About Yourself

I started a bible study with a friend this past week. It was one where you read before you get together, then you go over what you read then there is a video that the author puts together to go over the subject.

Before we did the video, we were talking about some stuff. I told her that I really want to learn what triggers me. What triggers me to feel or react in ways I shouldn't. Pretty much I want to get to know myself way better, so that I can be a better person.

The truth is that we all tick a certain way. We all have certain personalities, and we all process everything in life in certain ways. I want to learn how I tick better so that I can function better. So, I can be aware of the way I need to prepare myself to think when situations out of my control comes up.

Triggers can come in different ways. They can come in the form of anxiety when something happens that are out of our control. Words that someone says can sometimes take you back to a moment of when you were hurt. Sometimes a song or movie can stir up bad feelings. I believe feelings are not a bad thing but we should not let them navigate day to day lives. Holding on to past hurts, actually steals the present moment. Each moment is a present if you allow it to be. Then again you can allow it to be another bad memory if you want it to.

In the book we are reading the author recalled a time when she was on a vacation with a group of friends. She became frustrated in the car ride and when they reached their destination, she decided to not go in at first. She sat in the car and stewed over why she was frustrated. Looking back she realized that she had chose to miss out on the fun that her friends were having when they first got there. She allowed herself to stay aggravated, and she can't get that moment back. Man, I thought. How many times have I allowed myself to be triggered by getting offended, and missing out on great memories. It really stinks, to think that me not evaluating my reaction, caused me to not having those precious moments of laughter with my husband, family or friends.

It doesn't matter what your past or present looks like. The fact is you still have so many opportunities to recognize that the past does not have to affect the right now or the future. Get real with yourself and deal with what you need to deal with and recognize the blessings that you have in your life right now. Water the relationships that could flourish into something beautiful. Enjoy yourself. What I mean by that is enjoy who you are. Enjoy your quirks, your flaws, and your goofiness. Learn that joy is what looks beautiful on you. Not being perfect at everything, not looking like the next top model. Looking like you, and enjoying your life is what makes you radiant.

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