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Life is a Highway

Life is a highway. That is what Rascal Flats sang about. They are speaking from a view that life is exciting. And it surely is! There are so many options to choose from on each of our highways, also. One person's highway does not look like another's, and they shouldn't! There would be alot of lonely highways if everyone was on the same one.

We have so many choices in our life time. So many lefts or rights we could take. We could even choose to turn around when we come to a road that seems a little more rocky then we would like to experience. Sometimes the highway causes us to go into areas with more traffic, like Houston, TX. Some times they lead us to the road less traveled out in the boon docks.

My point is that all of us have a choice on which roads we lead ourselves down. Whether it is the right road, though is up to God. I will just be quite frank with you. I have felt like darting and running in the complete opposite direction then the roads I have been following. The thing is I know I'm on the right direction that I'm suppose to be going in life. That should be enough, right? That should make me feel comforted knowing that I am on the right road, shouldn't it? I can only see so far up the road, though. For one who likes lists and to plan, only getting to see so far up the road is terrifying. Only have control of today is not always fun. That is me speaking to you from a complete human stand point. Even the "holiest" Christians are humans and have flesh. They have moments.

Running the opposite direction will only take me back to places that I have already learned is no good. Why would a person that left and got a peak of hope want to exit from the road of hope. Well, that would be flesh. That would be thinking habits. That would be allowing an ounce of doubt or fear creep up in her head and mind.

Setting your mind to not allow these things to affect you is up to you. Who you are as a person, in your soul, is determined by you alone. By which direction you place your mind toward. Our life and the way we spend it is our choice. Everyone these days wants their freedom. Wants to live the way they want to. When we don't get our way we want to pitch a fit. We want to run. We want to do what we want to do. God did give each of us that choice to do just that. These choices are complete doable. Are they completely ok? There are consequences to every choice we make. The choice to turn left, right, completely come to a stop or put yourself in reverse causes some kind of reaction.

Freedom that comes from the Lord should be looked through the lenses of the Word. God promises us so much in the Word. He does ask us to obey his Word. Only through that do we receive this freedom though. God promises security, but that security comes from a heart after Him. The heart to desire more of him. This does not come from a lenses of us needing to be perfect. So don't get it twisted. God knows we are not perfect. But He also knows each and everyone of our hearts. He knows what we want out of life and what our intentions are. David was not perfect, but God knew his intentions. He knew when he was being sincere with his confessions. He knew what his thoughts were, which is why I believe he was called a man after God's own heart. He learned from his mistakes and pivoted back onto the highway God desired him to be on. He was then at the right place at the right time. He came across the right people at the right time. That's freedom. Relying on God's promises to lead you down the right path. Knowing that no matter what or who up ahead you are secure in his hands.

On these roads God leads us down there are promises for each and everyone one of us. In these promises we have the opportunity to reflect the love of God on others. Our life can be a reflection of the mercy and kindness of God. Of His promises. A walk with God is not necessarily easy. It does give us hope when we set out mind and take His word (his promises and corrections) at its word though.

Running away from the promises and plan God has on our life is way to easy. Running toward the promises and plans of God puts you directly into the battle field, which is scary. Where we can find peace of mind is are on God's side of the battlefield, you can rest assure that the battle is already done and won. So just stand, and don't quit, because you are the victor. Stay in the Word and know who you are in Christ. Use the Word because it is one of our defense mechanisms in the armor of God. It is how we make the devil turn around and go the opposite direction, instead of you.

Below are some promises that the word says about us.

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