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Live in a State of Praise

...Praise the Lord in His sanctuary... I was trying to verse map my way through a funk. Have you ever been there?? Just kinda in a mood for several days. So I took "put on a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness" to heart and decided to dive into the topic of praise. What does it really mean to connect with the Lord on a praise level?

Psalm 150 is the last Psalm and as one commentary put it “It crescendos” to end the Psalms. I started to study and got stuck on verse 1 and the phrase... praise Him in His sanctuary ... It seems obvious. Praise Him where He is seated. I should adore Him, magnify Him and live life with that attitude. Then I landed on 1 Corinthians 3:16 .........Do you not know you are a temple of God and that the

live in a state of praise not matter the circumstance

Spirit of God lives in you. . I didn’t dig deep enough to see if temple (naos) and sanctuary (qodes) were the same, but the definitions are close. This word for temple is also used for the Holy of Holies, the very place God resided in the tabernacle. I need to praise God within myself. Praise needs to start from the inside, not just be a superficial outward expression, but an inner praise that explodes forth. He lives in me. I know that, basic Christianity 101, but I need to live in a state of praise no matter the circumstance or situation I might be in. He. Is. Worthy. Of. It. All.

-Tracy Baker

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