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Love Is The Answer To All

Love, Love, Love. Valentine's Day is Sunday so I think it applicable to speak on love....again. That has been a focus on multiple posts. It is so important and interesting to me though. It really should be to you to. You know, why? Because love trumps all evil. Love conquers all. You know how darkness can only be covered up by light. Evil can not stand in the love, in good, in the sight of the Lord. Just as in the end every knee will bow to the Lord. Well evil has to bow down to love. That is why it is so important to learn the aspects of love, to learn how it looks, acts, and reacts.

I believe love is tied to every aspect of the armor of God. Colossians 3 says love binds all of the virtues together in perfect unity. Fear brings discord in a persons life, love brings peace. Jealousy wants what someone else has, love says that is awesome and knows that good is in store for ALL that keeps God's commandments. Love forgives, love respects, love conquers.

Love does not break down another person. It builds up. It chooses to look for the good. Love is patient. It is not self absorbed. Love reacts to negativity in a positive way. Lets face it two wrongs don't make a right. Two wrongs actually keeps discord going. I said it like this to someone the other day. I said getting revenge or being angry is like throwing a baseball back to the person who just threw it to you instead of throwing it to home plate to get the other team (in this case the enemy) out. All Christians

should be on the same team and after the same purpose. Working together for the greater good. We are out there catching the ball and casting any care to God (Home plate) and he will get the enemy back in his place. His way is way better, we just need to cooperate with his plan. He is also our coach. Listen to His plans for the team, and the we will always be victorious.

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