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Peace and Anxiety Part 2

My Aunt had come in not to long ago and was talking to us at the office. She was talking about how she had gone to the doctor for her hormones. They had given her something that helped her tremendously. She made a comment. She said, "I had no idea how bad I was actually feeling until now. I guess I was so use to feeling that way, that I thought it was normal."

How often is that the story of our life? How often do we get use to anxiety, worry, anger, and frustration? I will be the first one to raise my hand! The anxiety I have felt before encompassed me for so long, that I had know idea that it had set up shop within me. It had made itself at home. AND I WELCOMED IT WITH OPEN ARMS!

There are so many opportunities everyday to let the devil sneak on in. Letting our thoughts run a little to long about a situation that is out of our control. Sitting there thinking about what the solution to a problem is for to long. Allowing resentment and anger to sit and fester to long.

These are reasons why God gave us pretty simple instructions throughout the bible, that we can let our brains over complicate. These simple instructions were put there to help us with walk more and more on peace. Below are some examples.

scriptures on peace
scriptures on peace

I think its time to start breaking these chains. These chains of worry. These chains anxiety. These chains of anger. These chains that blind us from seeing how it really effects us. How it effects yourself and other. How it effects your ability to see the truth of God.

Just like in an AA meeting you have to admit that this is an issue you have. This is a thinking issue that can be changed by some self control that comes from wisdom. Wisdom that comes from alot of prayer and time put in to learning the word.

Its changed by saying yes I have this thinking issue, and then everyday when a thought arises to trigger a worry within you, or anger within you, you say nope not today. You combat it with the word. You combat it with prayer. You combat it as many times as you have to. There is a time I believe where you will recognize weights start falling off of you. You will recognize it being easier to not worry. To not let your mind go to anxiety. I believe it gets easier and easier.

This doesn't mean the opportunity to step back out of peace won't come. I just think you realize that you feel much better when you go to God in prayer with it. You seek him out first. You realize he knows the weight of this world is not easy, and that is why he gave us these instructions. So, that we can choose to allow him to help us every second of every day.

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