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"Great character is not developed through ease and convenience but through doing now what needs to be done no matter how difficult it is." Joyce Meyer

I am reading a book called Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits by Joyce Meyer. She said that procrastination is deceptive and it make us complacent by telling us we are going to do the right thing. It justifies inactivity.

This life requires action to get things done. Yes we are to rely on God to work things out for good. That is called faith. James 2:17 says faith without actions is dead though. We have to do our part in everything in order to see progress, though. God sets the course and gives us instruction but he will not literally move you. You have to be open to his leading and actually take the steps to move your self. He gives you free will. This concept can be applied to everything in life. Joyce also said this in her book "Procrastination is the biggest thief to success". We know we have task that should be completed and habits that need to be dealt with. When we know we have these things to deal with we should take action THEN. If not the procrastination can really cost us.

The Way to get started is to quit talking and start doing

Lets look at different arenas in our life. First off lets look at where your faith is right now. Do you have faith in God to start with? Have you been procrastinating on accepting him into your life? Right now is a good time to stop procrastinating! God created you and desires good in your life. To open up the good He has for you, you need to accept the gift of salvation. You will learn that everything that comes from God is there for the taken. It's like a present that was given to you. Some put it up on the shelf and never take the wrapper off. Go ahead and take the wrapper off and see what is inside.

Maybe you have accepted Christ into your life already and have procrastinated on given up bad habits that you know you need to give up. Like some of us, you are just ignorant to certain bad habits that have been normal in your culture. You had no idea that the affect they have on your own life. But through the word, you have seen the wrong in them. Right now is the time to change those habits. Ask for forgiveness and move on. Its that simple. Procrastination makes it complicated later on though.

Joyce gave several examples of what procrastination did for people in Chapter 2 of the book. Because one lady didn't do the small things when it was time for them to be done, they snow balled into a big ordeal. The lady was a teacher. She procrastinated on getting grades done for students. At the same time she procrastinated on getting her vehicle registration renewed and paying bills. Her grand children were coming to stay for a while and because she procrastinated on getting the registration renewed her and her husband were not able to take them on the road trip they had planned. Because the did not pay her bills, interest accrued and delinquent letters came in. Because she didn't get her grades done for her job, when the time to make cut backs came around she was one of the first to be cut from her job.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

What are some changes you can make to be the best you? Maybe being more health consciences? Financial consciences? Whatever it may be take steps to turn that area around in you life. As soon as the holy spirit brings areas that need to be dealt with in your life up to you, deal with them. He speaks for God, and God knows what is best for you now. Fixing what needs to be fixed now sets you up for a brighter future.

"The slack hand causes poverty, the diligent hand makes rich."-Proverbs 10:4

"The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing."-Walt Disney

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."-Lao-Tzu

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