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Roots and Triggers

Who out there reacts a certain way to situations? If I could put the little emojis with their hand up in the air I would right here. The older I get I am more aware of how I react to situations. This happens do to others letting me know, plus my own observation of myself. It has led me to study myself more and more.

The word that the Lord has led me to this year is "triggers." Another word that I have been focused on is "roots." Everyone has a story. Peoples stories are made up of all kinds of events that causes thoughts and emotions with in the person. I'm more determined than ever to stay aware of these triggers and roots within myself.

Depending on the situation, I recognize how roots can be developed within a person. Roots. What do you mean, you may ask? Well, just as a plant starts from a seed so do attitudes, reactions, and thoughts also start. Someone says something to you, if you allow it that is a seed that can be planted into your mind, that can fester. That can grow. If allowed to stay there, it can cause a root. If allowed to stay there long, it can cause some heart issues. There is a scripture that I refer to a lot, that talks about the heart. It says guard your heart, because out of the it comes the issues of life. I use to look at it like this. Guard your heart, as in don’t let anyone in. Boy, have I done that. I have guarded it to the point of not being vulnerable at all. Not really allowing anybody to get close to me. That really a whole other topic that I believe I will get into in another post. It is an important topic because, I will say this, we are made for relationship. God did not put multiple people on earth, for us to be alone.

Let us look at guarding your heart in this perspective. As in guarding your heart from becoming cold. Guarding your heart from letting an offense enter in. Guarding your heart from letting jealousy and insecurities coming. Guarding your hearts from bitterness. These type of roots come in and cause division. Cause strife. A seed produces after its own kind. A seed of bitterness will come out of your heart and you will react in that type of way. A seed of jealousy will come out of your heart in that type of way. Take it from one that knows. The more I write on this blog, the more I realize it is important to be truthful with one's self. In order to dig up roots that hinder your everyday life, you have to be willing to get down and dirty to dig it up. I mean on your hands and knees with a shovel as God reveals to you every root that has kept the grass around your tree from grown properly. The world will recognize a tree by its fruit. That is scriptural. Some roots may dig down into your childhood. Those may take a little while. You may cut it down, and think its ok. Then someone says or does something that triggers an emotion from that particular incident. You may need to get down and dig a little more. That’s ok. I think recognizing the root is a big step. It’s the heart behind wanting it to change that is important. The steps to digging it out and replacing it with good seed, that will bring good fruit, is so vital.

The word is vital in digging up roots. The bible says that we don’t fight against flesh and blood. These roots come from negative emotions from past experience. They come from thoughts that have been planted in your head from these experience. From what people may have said to or about you. The truth is where your healing lies. The lies come from the enemy, who want you to stay divided from people. Who wants you to keep offenses because the offense cause a fence in your heart from letting people in. The word, the truth, on the other hand is where the steps to taking back your true identity is. A jealous, bitter, negative, angry, constantly frustrated person is not you. As a child of God, your identity lies in the fact that Jesus set us free when he died on the cross. He made it possible for us to be victorious here in this life. Living under in jealousy, bitterness, anger, and anything else along these characteristics is not freedom. It's actually bondage. It can keep you from laughing and enjoying those moments you can not get back with your family and friends. Those memories that God wants you to enjoy. Living in jealousy, bitterness, etc is truthfully prideful, if you know the word. (Please keep reading if you may be a little frustrated at that comment lol I want to make another point.) God's love says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. He told us to love and forgive. So to fully step into his power I am believing more and more that we should learn to really let things go and not hoard all of these feelings. I think we hold onto feelings as a sense of comfort and protection. It helps us to remember not to become too vulnerable so that we don't become hurt again. That keeps us in bondage also, because it keeps us from those relationships I spoke of. It keeps us from making good memories, because we are to busy protecting ourselves from any bad memories.

That point I said I wanted to make. I believe God gives us grace when we are trying to heal from any kind of trauma. Because lets face it life is a learning process. We are all at different stages in our life, and every season comes new challenges. Just as you lift weights, your muscles tear, so does your growth and maturity in life. You go through a new season, you are stretched to the max sometimes, then you learn from the stretching. Sometimes it may take you a bit, sometimes you recover pretty fast because of the last season you were in. You at this point probably have some knowledge on how you are an overcomer. So, that’s why I do believe God gives us grace in every season. I believe that he sends people in your path that can motivate you to stay strong. Rather you recognize, his grace for sending some people, depends on your perspective. That where learning to not take the seed of offense come. Not letting those roots splinter your heart and mind. Keeping an open mind to God's way is vital. He knows the path he has for you, which is good. His way is always good, we may not always see his path. That’s where faith comes in. That where patience is established. Those times of digging is where the greatest things can be established with in you. Those things that make you stronger. One more point to go with this and then I will be done with this post. The word says where we are weak he is strong. Digging up those weak, nasty roots that produce nasty fruit, does reveal weaknesses in us. It makes you realize how vulnerable you can be, which for the prideful is hard to admit. Replacing those weak roots with God's strength will turn your weakness into something so great that you will never believe it could be possible. He shows up and shows out in ways that will amaze anyone that comes in contact with you. The most important thing is to stay humble when this happens and keep the perspective that all things are possible through Christ. ALL THINGS!

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