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Identity in Christ

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Transformation. This year, 2023, transformation is the key. No, not transformation in my clothes or my hair. Looking to the inward part of me and seeing what I need to transform there. Ninety's children may or may not remember the movie Clueless. There was a pivoting moment for Cher. When she decided she did want a makeover. She loved makeovers. At this moment she realized that hair and fashion would not satisfy her inner being. She said, "I decided I did need a complete makeover, except this time I makeover my soul."

We all find ourselves as this moment in time at some point. To be honest we need to analyze the condition of our soul every day. The soul is your mind, will, and emotions. Look at these three attributes closely. Where is your mind taking you on a regular basis? How strong is your will? The webster definition of a strong-willed person is very determined to do something even if others say it should not be done. Some people let their will pretty much fluctuate. Some days they will be set, saying I am going to do this. Some days they will allow a little hiccup in their plan to say I can't do this anymore. I don't want to. What about your emotions? Are you letting feelings about circumstances in life lead you? Take it from one who has done that and is still working on not doing this. Letting your emotions lead you can lead you into destruction.

Being up and down in your what your will is, and your emotions is why it is so important to know what your identity is in Christ. Being at saved at a younger age, I knew I was going to Heaven when I left this earth. I was taught that. When you become saved though God's spirit is with in you. You are born again inside, and it makes way for the Holy Spirit to live there. Is that it thought? This powerful spirit is within us and a lot of the time we don't even know what to do with it. We don't know how to explain it. Am I right?

I'm still learning. Learning who I am. Not what my talents are or how big I can make it in this world. Who I am in Christ. Don't get me wrong I'm a visionary. I imagine a lot of things I want to do. Even if I accomplished everything I want to do, all of those things don't add up to who I am in Christ. I'm so real with you right now. For some may understand, and some may not. If you are don't believe in God, you might have some opinions. Like, well I guess your God is not who He says He is. I'm here to say he is though. The issue is not Him. It lies within us. Within whom we believe we are. Our identity is within him.

Being saved at a young age did not keep me from trying to step out of the blessings of God. I had at least two seasons in my life where I did not want to hear about going to church. I wanted to live how I wanted to live and not deal with the heart issue I was having with in. I literally think God I was saved at such a young age and had some kind of walk with the Lord that pulled me back to my senses.

I tell you that to tell you this, I was not happy in those seasons. I was living outside of the person I was meant to be. In those seasons of life, I was caught up in following my flesh instead of following who I really was which was a child of God. I wish I can really explain the difference it makes when you start understanding what God thinks of you. That he does have a better way of living then the way the world says. That his ways are way higher than your ways. That he did know you before you were formed in the womb. That he does forgive you. That when you accept Jesus you are made new. That you are neve alone when you have Jesus with you. That he knows all your thoughts, all of your fears, all of your desires.

Learning who I am in Christ is not just 2023's goal but my life's mission now. I don't think I will be able to ever fathom everything I am in Christ. I will try. The scripture says ask and you shall receive, right? The word says also delight yourself in God, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Delighting in who he is, who you are in him, gives him access to your life. Adds a favor in your life that nothing else can. Adds an atmosphere around you that allows the Holy Spirit to move.

a list of scriptures for learning your identity

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