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Joy and Fulfillment...It's your choice

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As I sit in my new house, I am pondering on how thrilled I am. Thrilled to beyond measure to be sitting in my new RENT house. That's right a rent house. Some may think I am crazy. Why on earth would a person be excited to be in just a rent house. Well the reason is, because I have been in a camper for a year now. Not just any camper a 32' long camper. Not just by myself, but with my husband and my two dogs. So yes I am excited about being a house with a full kitchen and open space.

The reason I am writing this post is because of the happiness I am having right now. The excitement of this new part of our life. The anticipation and adrenaline we are on to be able to decorate, host, and park our vehicle and boat in a garage. Like anything excitement wears off. Responsibilities arise with owning or taking care of anything. The newness wears off. What do you do then?

God wants us to enjoy this life. He wants us to have new things. But why do people get so discontent? Why do we lose our "happiness." The truth is happiness is an emotion that comes and goes. One day you can wake up on top of the world, and the next day you can wake up and stump your toe and your whole day be ruined. It could feel like everyone and everything is against you. So though I believe God wants us to feel that emotion I don't think he wants us live by every emotion that hits us.

Joy is a product of the Spirit of God. Joy is something that is on the inside of us that is obtainable. Just like love is. God told us we need to walk in love at all times. Do we always feel like loving though? Absolutely not! There are days when I would like to tell people a piece of my mind. (And yes I have definitely fallen for the divers temptation in some cases.) We have to choose to walk out love as shown in 1 Corinthians 13. Joy is the same way. We have to walk in God's joy. The only thing that is consistent. People and items will not bring you consistent happiness. People are people, just like you, can disappoint. Items will get old, break, or lose their trend. But God is there always. His word never changes, and he consistently wants the best for you.

Putting God first will bring true joy and fulfillment. As I sit here and type this out it makes so much more sense. We have a choice to live a life of love and joy. God wants us too! Choice is the word though. Are you going to choose to be joyful, which the bible says is your strength. Or are you going to weaken your spirit by letting circumstantial situations determine how you are going to act and live. Food for your thought.

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