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How Can You Minister to Your Emotions?

There is a devotion with Joyce Meyer I read a couple of days ago. It had the phrase, "Minister to your emotions". This spoke volumes to me.

For so long, I feel like I have let my emotions take over. The "feeling" I get in situations seemed to overpower what I know from the word. I would react instead of respond.

Ministering to my emotions brings a new perspective to capturing my thoughts as 2 Corinthians 10:5 points out. You have to tell your emotions what is fact and what is false.

Lets look at some examples. There have been circumstances in the past where it feels like all odds are against me. Sometimes like there is no hope. My mind gets tired and my hope wants to diminish. The Lord keeps reminding me of scriptures to meditate on.

In the story with Elisha and his servant, the enemy was surrounding them on each side. The servant was petrified. Elisha came out of his tent and stood there in peace at the facts that he saw. Because the Lord was with them, there were horses and chariots of fire surround them also. The chariots were their defense. They were protecting them. The enemy could not see them but the servant of the Lord, Elisha, did. I always remind myself that if God is for me then who can be against me. That if he surround Elisha, he will surround me in the day of the enemies attack. This is in Second King 6.

The Lord surround Elisha and his servants with horses and chariots of fire
The Lord surround Elisha and his servants with horses and chariots of fire

Josaphat was in a similar situation. The enemy was on their way to Josaphat. Josaphat got word of it. He was disturbed, but he gathered the people and went before the Lord in fasting and prayer. The Lord responded and said go to the battle. So the people went to the battle. On their way, he appointed people to praise the Lord. When they arrived on the battle field, the enemy was already dead. The Lord had went ahead of them, and the enemy turned on themselves. This is in Second Chronicles 20.

That's the God I serve. He will never leave us nor forsake us. There will always be a chance for the enemy to try and overtake us, but the fact is he can't. We are bought. We are redeemed. We are forgiven. With God all things are possible. Without him, what would we do. What hope would we have.

We need to remind ourselves of the facts of God. Of His word. We need to minister to those emotions that try to keep us chained. Tell our emotions what to think. Remind them daily. Capture those thoughts and give them to God and replace them with his truths.

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