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Perfection Is Overrated

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In my earlier walk with the Lord, I was familiar with church and the Word of God. I had been going to church for as long as I can remember. Hearing scriptures and being involved in what I call Holy Ghost meetings where I saw the power of God really moved.

Through my life with the Lord I went through several seasons of being on fire for God and seasons where I wasn’t. When I was on fire in the past I was always striving for this perfectionism that I now see was not the right perspective to have.

I was trying walk out this perfect walk when I was on fire that caused me to fall and be in bondage so easily. Because I am human, I now realize that I will not always get it perfect. I will "fail" at moment during my growth. I put emphasis on fail because that is what Satan wants me to believe when I “stumble".

Perfection is overrated

In the past if he couldn’t get me in running toward sin he was getting me in the bondage of condemnation. I would allow him to hold me captive (even though I had the authority to leave) by allow him to feed me lies that I had once again “failed”.

Thank the Lord for growth and revelation. Today I was talking with the Lord. I told him that perfection is overrated according to the world's standard. I want to be effective in the kingdom. The Lord has called us to seek him first in all we do. That is what he has called us to do. To seek him for help in EVERYTHING.

The scripture has called us to live a righteous life but it never said perfect life. The main thing the scripture has called us to do is to “seek His kingdom and His righteousness”. When seeking his way, I think there are different ways people's thinking can go when trying to comprehend it. Some may go like mine. Go toward a more religious mindset. Toward making lists and crossing them off so that we get our brownie points in heaven. Toward perfection. Some may go toward the thought, "its way to hard, I’m only human, so why try?"

God Meets you where you are at.

If you are any of these, let me encourage you. You are just human. God does understand that. This is why he meets you where you are at, at this moment. He does not push perfection on you. He asks you to trust him. He asks you to, yes, die to the flesh all of the time. Some days it may seem like he is calling you to perfection because of some of the sacrifice of your time, money, and talents. Those sacrifices will not seem like sacrifices in the long run, though. A farmer gets out to plant his field every season. He plows the ground, plants the seed, and keep it watered and fertilized so that he can receive the harvest. This his time money and talents. You also will see the harvest of your sacrifice in due time.

Scriptures that might help encourage you:

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrew 13:16 (ESV)

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