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Stay Focused

When I created this blog Mindful Living is what I was led to call it. I did not know what all that would really intel, but the further I go into my walk with God the more the puzzle pieces are coming together. Living mindfully is important because in order to truly live a genuine life you need to be able have a sound min. To have self control. You are in control of you own life rather you would like to believe it or not. You are responsible for your own actions and the direction for you life. You allow the destruction or blessing. You choose which doors are open in your life.

Staying focus on God's ways and plans give us a road map to living a victorious life. There are so many things that can distract us in the world. I taught at church on Wednesday several years ago. God gave me this way of looking at his plan for everyone. Picture a road. Roads are full of signals. You your four way stops that contain stop sign, red lights and green lights. You haver your turning lanes. Highways have feeder roads. This helps you be aware that some one may be turning that someone may be coming into your lane. It helps you be courteous and let others take their turn. You have your lane and they have theirs.

I see this now as protection. The true way God would have it is that all of us be led after him so no one causes destruction for themselves or others. We would do what we are called to do and so would other creating in my head, peace and harmony. This is not the case for us though. Everyone does not believe in him so everyone do not follow his word, his road map, his promises. That does not mean that us who do believe can't follow them. Yes because everyone has their own will, people may hurt you and you will come across situations that will try to destroy. God will always lead you on a path that will keep you safe, though, inspite of everyone else's choices. He said that he had a plan for each of us. A plan to prosper. His yoke is easy mean it will not be a burden. It will yes cause you to grow, but that growth will carry you so far because He is your strength. His ways are higher and his knowledge far exceeds anything that you could have planned.

Stay focus brothers and sisters on God and see where he will lead you and how he will bring you out of anything that may cause you destruction. Remember His victories in your life and carry them forward as a testimony for others to recognize and start believing in him.

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