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Take the time for your heart

Why do I keep coming back to this subject? The heart? Maybe its something I feel really strong about. Maybe it is something I can struggle with quite frequently. Maybe I see multiple people struggle with it, and they need to hear it. Maybe all of the above. Either way it is really an important subject.

When I talk about the heart I am talking about your physical heart and the spiritual side of you heart also. Proverbs 4:23 states this. Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it comes the issues of life. I firmly believe what we allow to fill our hearts (mind, will, and emotion) can effect everything in your life from relationships to your physical health.

The older I get, and the more I see and go through in life here on earth, I am starting to recognize how hard life can be. I see people get hurt by loved ones, people lose loved ones, and people get bitter over it. I see people desire more out life, and just can't seem to catch a break. Because of it they become jealous of others who do. They covet what those people have. I listen and here how people sit around and ponder on all of the negative things that have and could possibly go wrong. Fear breaks in and they cannot see the what they have in the moment or the possibilities of the future. People hearts get shattered, hardened, or just stop caring.

There is a reason why the scripture says guard your heart. There is a reason why it says cast your cares and not worry. There is a reason it says think on good things. It is because it is so easy to give into fear, bitterness, jealousy, anger, etc. I'm more and more convinced of what I learned at a church my husband and me attended. They taught us about how we are three part beings. We are body, soul, and spirit. We have a physical body hear on earth, with a soul (mind, will, and emotions), and we have a spirit. The spirit come to live in us when we ask for Jesus to live inside us. It is our navigator while we are here on earth. After salvation our body and soul still the same as before salvation, though. We have to learn to adjust our mind, will, and emotions to adapt to the kingdom way. The kingdom way is what will take us over into all of God's promises for us.

How easy it is to continue the way you use to. I mean it is isn't? To allow our mind will and emotions to stay acting the same. Honestly, maybe you are like me, though. You can feel something more stirring inside of you. The spirit is there ready to direct and help you move into the promise land God has for you. He sees the potential you have inside of you. He sees what Love a.k.a. God can do through you. Lining your heart up with His will is like turning the key to the ignition though. You have already asked Jesus into your heart so the key is there. No its time to get the car started get it in drive and let it show the road what it's made of. This requires some discipline, effort and a heart evaluation.

That heart evaluation can be tough. I almost feel like I'm constantly doing it for myself. It is so easy to let laziness creep into your walk with God, which can follow all I mentioned above. The bitterness, jealousy, anger, etc. Learn the word. Read and pray daily. Allow God to work in your life.

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