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The Measure of Faith Inside of You

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Faith- Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

I am sitting here trying to think of the words that describes faith the best. Above definitely does! I like to imagine all of the armor of God in mind. How they operate together. Faith is a shield. When you start getting an understanding, you start realizing you really can't be fully armed without having the others. Though to really be armed and activate the sword to its fully potential means we need the helmet of salvation first. This means asking Jesus into your heart. We still need to hear the truth (the belt of Truth). But to really believe that we really need to have some kind of faith.

This is why I believe God actually did allot each of us a measure of faith as said in Romans 12:3. I have the read the scripture several times. I can't really pinpoint whether this is referring to the God allotting the measure of faith, Paul speaks of, before or after salvation.

I say I don't know for sure in that portion of scripture. I am leaning to the fact that God did give us something before salvation. Even though Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden and lost that amazing connection with God. I honestly think God had our back from the moment he formed Adam. I think He knew the enemy would try to steal from us what God had planned. So, He made sure we were formed in his likeness. I think that he left something in our DNA that is miraculous. Something that no devil and hell could take away from us. It's an ounce of faith. A knowing that we

cannot explain. We are descendants of Adam. We have his DNA running through us. Before he ate the fruit from the tree, that he should have, he was in a perfect setting. He was formed to live for eternity with God. To live in communication with him. To live to take care of everything on earth.

a picture representing faith as your shield

Only after he ate the fruit did the scripture say he started to die. That faith that was God's likeness, still was running through his veins, right? I believe it something that Satan could not take away. Faith and wisdom is what created the everything. Some of that is running through us, even before Salvation. When someone hears the Word of God for the first time, there is probably a tug deep down inside that the person cannot put their finger on. The more knowledge they hear on the subject the more the treasure within, That God planted in us, is uncovered. It has been covered awhile, so it may take a couple of times. For all of you gardeners, imagine weeds growing over it. Years of weeds. The soil is under it all. It just takes time. God gives us all a choice at salvation. He gave Adam and Eve a choice in the Garden. He gives you the same choice. To trust Him. To walk with Him, just as they had the freedom to do in the Garden. I believe entirely that he knew that without physical proof, there are so many things about our walk with Him would be hard to be fathom. So, he left something in all of us from creation. Faith. Something we could build on our own free will. Something that we could start with.

Now I'm speaking to all believers. We tend to be afraid of speaking the truth of God. Of offending people. Well, when we took up salvation, it became our job to start whacking at the weeds in this world. There is a lot of confusion due to the weeds that has been neglected. From laziness. From fear. Fear of being different. Fear of being rejected. Fear of having to give up something in your flesh that hinders the run God has for you. Rejection, being different, fear in general is going to happen to believers. When fear comes, comes a chance to be triumphant. Satan wants you to stay in fear because there he can keep you trapped. God said he gave you a spirit of power, love, and sound mind or self-control. There is your word to stand on.

It is vital to do our part and face fear head on. To overcome it we fill our self through studying. Knowing who we are in Christ and meditating on it day after day, consistently. Shutting every opportunity Satan tries to get a foot hold. While we are doing this we are being transformed into bold warriors for Christ. As we transform, others see the transformation. That is what will help others uncover the gem inside of them, faith. Being consistently bold in our faith causes fruit to come forth. Showing to the world who Christ is in us. What he is able to do through obedience. Again, be bold. Throw off all that hinders your from running your race and being the change in this world.

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