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Use Your Hinds' feet

We all seasons of not know right from left. Not knowing what is going on around you. What you should do next. These seasons are rough. Sometimes it seems like torcher and you don't know if you can hold on any longer. You don't know if you can keep pressing on.

Are you in a season like that? If you are, you are not alone. There are many out there that are like that, or have been. I most definitely have been. God says this in Habakkuk 3:19, "The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments." (KJV) I read Joyce Meyer Daily Devo just now and learned about hinds' feet. It is a mountain goat that can leap freely over mountain rocks. These goats even climb slopes or mountain walls. They are really motivational if you look at the pictures of the goats doing this. I have placed a picture on this post. God says in Habakkuk that he makes our feet this way. He makes them like hinds' feet. Able to walk on high places We have the ability to move around and over our problems.

I want to state this. I may step on some toes. This stepped on my toes at some point. God does not have his hand physically moving the goats over each rock. The goats see the rock and recognize their ability to move over it themselves. God says in his word he will give us a way out of every temptation. Sitting around and being worried about the problem you see before you and having a pity party is a temptation. News flash to everyone of us. That is what the enemy wants us to do. To blind us like you would blind deer with headlights. He wants you to stay still and not keep moving through the problem.

Another new flash. The problem can still be there, but you can still keeping having a good life. Moving forward is and choosing to live a good life is the one of the first steps to defeating the enemy. This is you starting to do your part in God's equation. God can help you to mend relationships, fix finance, and help with medical situations. He can do that.

Start walking in love in those relationships, though. Don't sit around and hope they will ask for forgiveness, or magically forgive you . Don't sit around hoping money will just pop up in your account. Don't sit around saying God will heal me. All of these things are completely possible. Trust me I believe that God can move mountains. I believe that He can change people hearts in a millisecond. God also gave you those hinds' feet to be able to move over the mountain gracefully. We need to see what we can do on our part. Prayer and scripture is the first way to go. From there start taking steps to make a better future for yourself with the leading of the holy spirit. He may lead you to go apply at a job that will help you with your finance, or maybe not spend as much money as you were. I believe God is pretty logical. He gives you resource, and wants you to use them wisely. He may lead you to see a certain doctor, or change your diet if you have health problems. He may lead you to text that person that you are having problems with and tell them you love them. He probably make you step out of your comfort zone. Choose growth. That is what all of these will do for you. Help you to grow into an even better person then you could have ever imagine.

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