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Wailing into Dancing

David wrote in Psalm 30:11-12, "You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever."

David wrote throughout Psalm about times of distress and times of rejoicing. It is kind of comforting to know that the man that God described as a man after God's own heart did go through struggles. I'm saying that it thrills me. I'm implying that it should make us feel more normal. We all have times of anxiety. We are human and live in the flesh. All of the bible as a whole is comforting, because it is filled with imperfect people who always was victorious.

Even though David was not the perfect man we probably feel like he should have been. David went from a mere shepherd boy to being the king. He was the man! He still slipped up. Thankfully God shows mercy to his children. He looked to David's heart. He did not see David the flesh. He saw David in the heart. I believe that David's heart was truly repentant from anything that he did. He really wanted to live a life after God. God always redeemed him, even if he was the one that slipped up.

God wants to turn our wailing into dancing, just as he did for David. It starts with a repentant heart. It starts with what our intentions are. We can say one thing but deep down be thinking something else. Rather we like it our not those thoughts we think through out the day, if it does not line up with the word, will overflow into our life. David's overall life was an overflow of praise even in the times of distress. When he slipped up and allowed himself into the flesh, he was quick to get back to thinking the word of God. The promises of God. Out of the heart the mouth speaks.

Here is one example of filling yourself with the word of God repeatedly and then I will be done. My favorite example I have ever given. I put a pitcher inside of a bowl. The pitcher was filled with water. That is us when we are filled with God. When we accept Jesus into our life we are made white as snow. We still have an option to fill ourselves with the things of this world that hinders us from seeing the things of God clearly. So I started filling up the pitcher (that still had water in it) with Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid slowly started taking over the pitcher. The water became murky with the red dye.

Eventually all of the water had overflowed into the bowl and the Kool-Aid started filling up the bowl. That is the example of the overflow of the heart. It may not be evident of what you are filling your heart with in secret at first but eventually it does make itself known in one way or another.

Meditating on the word, on the promises, on the commandments will keep our hearts intentions on the right path. No doubt it will allow God free reign in our lives causing our wailing to turn into dancing! We should probably just be dancing in the times of distress, because of the fact that God always comes through for his children.

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