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Which way are you leading your heart?

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23

The heart is a subject that I am fond of studying. I read somewhere a good point to the why the heart is so important. I good perspective is, what is the first thing the doctor does when you go see him/her. They check your heart. Get your vitals. The physical heart is very important in the life of your physical body.

They spiritual heart is very vital to every aspect of life. Proverbs 4:23 says to guard your heart because it determines where you go in life. The spiritual heart is you. Its your soul. Its you mind will and emotions. Its how you decide to spend your time. Its how you decide to react. You are the deciding factor.

You get to choose daily to act according to your fleshly desires, or you can act according to your spiritual man. You can act on your own accord, or you can allow the power of God to transpire through you. That is completely up to you.

You know in some shows there is an angel sitting on a persons should whispering into a persons ear, and then on the other shoulder there is a little devil with horns on his head trying to get the person to think a different way. Well if this isn't so true I don't know what is. You get to choose what voice you listen to. Which way you are going to get pulled in life.

Are you going to stay on the straight and narrow. When I say narrow I mean it! If you choose this route you will find yourself saying no to doing things that the world flaunts around. You will be looked at like you are strange for choosing to not do things that they see is no big deal. Or for doing things that they seem as strange.

Are you going to choose the much wide road that allows you to skip and frolic in the muck as the prodigal son did. He wanted more, and took what his father had for him and wasted it away. Thank God he came running back! The wider road may seem glamourous, but it does not lead to fulfillment. You will constantly be running to the next thing on that path that may bring you fulfillment. On the narrow road though God keeps you in step with a plan that, though it may be tough, you know that he will never leave you and you will always be provided for.

Guarding your heart, by reading the word and acting upon it, keeps you in a state to receive blessings that the world will see and desire. It will cause you to be a light everything looks dark. Being a light is how we draw people to us, and cause more salvations for the kingdom.

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