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You Are A Winner

God has never lost a battle. Who all wants to say that we are winners? ME! How can we say this? We can say this by letting him fight our battles. How do we do that? That is a very good question.

For me its learning precept upon precept what is bringing to my attention. For me, it has been coming to a point and knowing what I have been doing was not working. For me, it was finally realizing I cannot do this alone and realizing me, myself, and I was the first thing that needed to change.

I started paying attention to my thoughts, my words, my reaction, my habits. Recognizing where I needed to be real with myself. What do you mean be that, you may ask? We all have quirks about us. Habits that may or may not be healthy. We all have a though life that we have to keep under control. Pay attention to all of this about you and I think you will recognize your chances to winning or losing at the situation. You will see rather you going to be going around that same mountain that keeps you in the dessert instead of walking into the promise land God has for you at the moment and flourishing.

We have to learn to let down our pride, and say no more. We have to learn to build our confidence in knowing that I don't have to have the last word in every confrontation that may arise. I don't have to remember every wrong that is done to me. I don’t have to be insecure about who I am, because I am is perfect in God's eyes. I am free to be who he has made me to be. I am free to let him fight my battles. I don't have to carry around that burden.

His ways are way higher than our ways. I want to see how high they are. I want to see how much more he can do with the talents I have, with the personality I have, with the dreams I have placed inside of me. I have great ambitions for my life. Those dreams and goals cannot live where strife, anger, unforgiveness, revenge, negative thoughts, condemnation live. I want to live a life of love, joy, and peace that he has set before me. He has created me to win and enjoy life.

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